Our Brands


ONE A is a design-led company with a mission to deliver clean and simple products that meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s architecture. ONE A never compromise on quality, creating the perfect blend of minimalist design aesthetics and smart technology, bringing the visual harmony of architecture and light to your project. With more than 20 years of experience across the lighting industry, all of ONE A’s solutions are designed by skilled designers and manufactured in Denmark. True to Scandinavian values, production is always to extremely high standards, offering unrivalled attention to detail and cutting-edge technology.

ONE A has a wealth of experience working with architects, lighting designers and engineers from across the globe. By working closely with and understanding their audiences, ONE A can focus on its never-ending search for clean and sophisticated product designs. The brand and its solutions have an enviable reputation and are the go-to choice in the UK and worldwide. ONE A consistently strives to make improvements, delivering cleaner and more sophisticated designs and technologies. With a large R&D department, ONE A can focus on creating new innovative designs that will stand the test of time.