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What we do differently

At Architectural FX we chose to work collaboratively with our customers. For us it’s the norm to draw from our 20 plus years of technical know how and experience with designers to come up with answers to lighting problems. We use the term an ‘accessorize’ mentality. We will design, engineer and manufacture accessories and components which make the products work in situ. And we’ll deliver the solution with speed and accuracy.

In our opinion, an important part of the project success is that we don’t supply ‘Kits’ of parts of linear products to be assembled on site. We only supply fully finished and 24hr tested fixtures. These are precisely identified and labelled for the project. This reduces risk and saves time on assembly, integration and install for the whole project supply chain. Tweaks, more tweaks and a lot of hard work.

'How To' video...

There is a new brand, new logo and new website. To help you with navigating this, we have created a ‘How To’ video explaining the Product Page, Configurator, Technical Data and Contact us.

If this does not answer your questions or you’re unable to find what you need, please get in contact with us and someone from our team will assist. 

Who are we?

With over two decades of extensive experience across the lighting sector, Architectural FX specialises in marketing, selling, and distributing premium brand LED lighting solutions.

We serve the UK lighting specification market, supporting national and international projects. By providing premium solutions that are in our carefully curated portfolio, we give you the power to transform lighting projects across the world. We are the UK partner for vektron and Caruso acoustic brands, as well as a new range of linear LED solutions called APL. We provide a bridge between these ‘Best in Class’ European manufacturers and our clients – spanning UK architects, lighting designers and specifiers. To support both manufacturers and our clients, Architectural FX offer unrivalled knowledge, enviable market awareness and robust technical expertise. These skills ensure that we’re perfectly placed to build those all-important, successful partnerships.

Our Brands...

Our brands cover the lighting demands of many applications and tasks. From all types of linear lighting to ambient office lighting with funky acoustics and refined decorative lighting options. Along with our custom solutions we should be able to answer most of your demands. Have a browse of the brands below.

Architectural FX

Architectural FX offer a range of versatile linear solutions both interior and exterior. These include versatile and broad ranges such as Integrate, Neon and Platin.


APL have created a versatile system like a “LEGO toolbox”.  With a miniaturised profile of just 16.4mm diameter and 13 high quality precision optics in the same form factor and socket system, LTwo® is simple and easy to install. Lumami is the desk mounted version and both ranges are manufactured in Europe.

Innovation, quality and Made in Italy are the elements that form Caruso Acoustic’s identity. The company manufacture an impressive range of integrated acoustic panels and lighting.   Caruso Acoustics’ sound-absorbing panels offer a wide range of customisation options: from the wide range of colours for the upholstery fabric, to customised prints.

vektron, a division of kreon, is a leader in the architectural and design industry, specializing in advanced ceiling solutions. vektron is renowned for its innovative approach to ceiling systems that integrate seamlessly with various building services to enhance both functionality and aesthetics of any space.

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