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About vektron

Vektron, a division of kreon, is a leader in the architectural and design industry, specializing in advanced ceiling solutions. With a strong presence globally, Vektron is renowned for its innovative approach to ceiling systems that integrate seamlessly with various building services to enhance both functionality and aesthetics of any space.

Technical Expertise and design service

Vektron’s focus is providing the customer with customizable lighting options that blend into the architectural design, providing optimal illumination without compromising style. Using an in-depth analysis to determine the optimal custom product for the best acoustic and lighting comfort solution.


Kreon/Vektron recently obtained the ISO 14001 certificate, setting out the criteria for an environmental management system. All existing and new products fall within CE standards and ENEC certified. Kreon/Vektron design, develop, produce and supply top-quality sustainable lighting solutions and ceiling systems.

Environmental Sustainability

Committed to sustainability, Vektron employs environmentally responsible practices throughout its design and manufacturing processes. All products help projects achieve significant energy savings and improve indoor environmental quality, aligning with global green building standards.

The fixtures and ceiling systems are made using a conscious choice of sustainable and recyclable materials and environmentally friendly processes with the aim to reduce CO2 emission by 10% each year.

Custom Design

From modular to linear, invisible grid to clip-in systems, Vektron ceilings can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of any project. After providing technical acoustic services, the products are designed to be adaptable for the project. Leaving the customers with a unique ceiling raft, fitted for their acoustic and lighting comfort.