Technical Data

Our team at Architectural FX are focused on providing excellent customer service to all our clients and customers. We have a wide range of technical data available to assist users with choosing the right products for them.

On this page, you will find a list and description of the technical data we offer.

LED Data Sheets

Click here to view LED Data Sheets. 

On this page, there is a wide range of Integrate LED data sheets providing detailed specifications and technical statistics. These data sheets can assist with selecting the right LED for the right lighting solution. 

On our products page, you will find the Configurator feature for our Integrate range of products. Using these data sheets will help with understanding the Configurator filters to generate a spec sheet for your chosen product.  

Power Supply & Interface Units

Click here to view Power Supply & Interface units. 

On this page, the range of Power Supply & Interface data sheets we supply for projects are listed. If you require any assistance, please contact our team at 

Wiring Diagrams

Click here to view Wiring Diagrams. 

On this page, a list of our Wiring Diagrams are listed with visuals to assist with any wiring requirements. Pleas contact for more information if you drawings aren’t clear. 

Photometric Data

Click here to view Photometric Data files

If you click the link above, it will take you too a Google Drive page with all of our Photometric files uploaded. We will be uploading more files so keep checking for new measurements. 

If you need a file that isn’t on the drive, get in touch with us. 

Label Description

Each of our products have a label attached to the cord. This label has all the information about this product or where to find it.