Warranty and Guarantee Conditions

Architectural FX guarantee the user a 5 year error free operation period of our LED products and fixtures, starting on the date of purchase date. Should a defect be detected within this time period a replacement product will be delivered a guarantee service. Any further guarantee for loss of profits, business or revenue, loss of anticipated savings or other consequential loss is not provided. The user can only request the guaranteed service with a proof of receipt or delivery. Our guarantee is void if the user does not adhere to the following instructions and measures and the defect occurs as a result. The users statutory warranty rights are not restricted by these guarantee conditions. 


    1. LED fixtures, modules and strips are often made of delicate electronic components. Careful handling is therefore always recommended. The instructions on the packaging and the contents of the product data sheets are to be read and followed.

    3. LED systems require special knowledge in the planning and installation. With peripheral systems, the involvement of a qualified electrician is recommended. The use of our components or products on site is beyond our control and therefore exclusively the responsibility of the user.

    5. In general, the minimum and maximum pitch lengths, as well as the minimum and maximum loads of modules or cables are to be considered. Individual components must be properly coordinated (eg in terms of loads, cable characteristics, and control systems).

    7. The combination of our products with components from other manufacturers is beyond our control and will void the guarantee, the compatibility with the control systems of other manufacturers is must be approved before installation.

    9. LED‘s function best in cooler environments. Heat build-up should therefore, be avoided. Please check Ambient temperature limits before installation

    11. Certain brightness and color variations are due to the production technology of the LED‘s normal production conditions. With LED systems, we strongly recommend a photometric test with a sample. Differences can also come from a blending of different batches, as an example, caused by partial shipments, additional orders, etc. which may result from different production processes. A maximum guarantee on color similarities can only be given when processing the original contract. If in doubt, components must be taken from the same batch in stock.

    13. An RGB (red / green / blue) color mixing of light only makes sense if a gradient is required in the first Line. Although it is possible to create the color ‘white’ while mixing colors. However, doing so would mean maximum utilization of the components. That will lead to a reduction in the service life, which is an important factor to consider.

    15. The LEDs used in lighting technology are qualified to N60825-1 in terms of eye safety as ‘harmless’. Nevertheless, you should never look directly into illuminated LEDs. This is especially true for the high (power) LED‘s, with an extremely high luminance.

    17. The operating hours of LED‘s are, depending on ambient temperature 20000 – 50000 h, in individual cases even longer. Please check data sheets for more information

    19. The exchange of individual LED‘s, LED modules or other components is only occasionally possible. At the end of service life, LED systems are to be disposed of properly. Architectural FX is a WEEEE registered member of Lumicom.

    21. The user has to prove to us, the proper temporary storage, installation and maintenance of the LED‘s (if submission of the test protocol before installation).

Measures for Installation


Prior to the installation of LED fixtures or components (eg gluing LED strips in carrier profiles or insertion into closed systems)


  1. When handling LED‘s, with and without tools, the plug and other electronic components, as well as conductors should not be charged. When gluing a LED Module, gently pressing with clean fingers is possible. Shear force on components should generally be avoided.


  1. During installation, resulting residue/shavings (eg by drilling, sawing, filing), dust, dirt and grease must be removed (short circuit or danger of breaking). If necessary, appropriate cleaning agents must be used.


  1. Plug connections must be properly connected. Do not horizontally or vertically move and do not twist plug by 180°. Insert the plug fully and precisely, so that an optimal contact is ensured. Do not bend the plug connections!


  1. ESD regulations (electrostatic discharge) must be adhered to during installation. The correct polarity has to be: plus, minus, signal lines.


  1. Before final installation, a functional test (eg, using a test setup) should be performed. A corresponding protocol is to be created.


  1. If components are exposed to light moisture and / or dust, appropriate on site / customer protection measures are to be met, should they not have the appropriate classification from the manufacturer (eg corresponding IP Protection Class) .


  1. In closed LED systems access to components (revision options) are provided. The thermal management can make ventilation slots a required, which in turn, can result in dust entering that must be cautiously removed at regular intervals.


  1. Please consult Architectural FX technical or sales before installation on all products


  1. Architectural FX Warranty is a Full system Warranty consisting of LED, Power Supply Unit and Dimming Interface Unit, where appropriate. Third party component manufacturer products available on request.


  1. Architectural FX does not offer a Warranty if third party products or components are used, unless agreed prior to installation


  1. Architectural FX Warranty is void if the goods have not been paid for in full by ‘the customer’. ‘The customer’ is deemed to be the entity that Architectural FX are in contract with via means of a purchase order.



In accordance with the Lighting Designers’ specification, all LED luminaires undergo a minimum 24-hour burn-in test during manufacturing. All LED luminaires should undergo a further 100-hour burn-in test on site prior to hand over. Documentation confirming manufacturing burn-in test can be provided on request for review by the Lighting Designer/Client