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As a new entrant to the lighting market but with team well versed in creating lighting innovation, APL are aiming to make a difference with their new LTwo® and Lumami® luminaire family.  The APL team have a vision ‘To create the ideal lighting standard for all purposes.’ And their mission is to offer lighting solutions which are innovative, intuitive and easy to install. Due to their miniaturization and the sustainable and mindful use of resources, both ranges offer superior quality and inspiration in the field of consumer, industrial and architectural applications.

Thinking out-of-the box, APL have created a versatile system similar to a “LEGO toolbox”.  With a miniaturised profile of just 16.4mm diameter and 13 high quality precision optics in the same form factor and socket system, LTwo® is simple and easy to install. A new, innovative and patented magnetic luminaire holder supports easy installation and makes LTwo® interchangeable. The opportunities to integrate into building fabric, furniture and architectural details are endless.

LTwo is also highly customisable and this is where Architectural FX offer just the right fit as UK partners. We have over 22 years of experience and knowledge in solving complex lighting challenges. We work closely with designers and clients to customise and accessorise their lighting offer to suit stringent requirements. 

Lumami® is the desk mounted version of the LTwo® linear product. It offers a highly efficient workplace lighting solution with all the advantages of LTwo® -in size, efficiency, flexibility, and is compliant with the EN12464-1 standard for lighting of indoor workplaces.

Both LTwo® and Lumami® are already winners of the Red Dot design award 2023 and Iconic Awards 2023