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Linear LED tapes & profiles

IP Ratings

IP40, IP44 & IP67

Specification Sheet

Integrate is an extensive portfolio of 24V linear LED tapes. The vast array of profiles and optics available through the range ensure the best specification and criteria of each solution can be found to suit the unique requirements of every project.

The range has been designed to meet the needs of differing situations, including surface mounted and suspended, direct/indirect, recessed or plaster in options. When choosing diffuser optics, there are options available in clear, diffuse, opal and blacklight opal covers.

Suitable for architectural interior lighting requirements, different solutions in the Integrate portfolio offer ingress protection ratings of IP40, IP44, and IP67. This ensures there are solutions in the range which are suitable for different levels of interior humidity.

To offer flexibility and allow for precise light control, the range includes options for darklight grazer optics, 10° wall grazer or 30° and 60° general illumination optics.

By using one bin only within<2 SDCM, Integrate can guarantee constant colour temperature and the highest light quality at a lifetime of > 60,000 h (L80/B10).

Single colour monochromatic, tunable white, dim to warm and RGB/W colour change options are available, with up to CRI 96/R9 95. Integrate solutions are assembled in the UK, which underpins their quality and credentials.

Compatibility with lighting controls has been considered, with Integrate solutions working seamlessly with mains Triac, 0-10v, DALI 2, DALI (DT) Casambi and Xicato Qualified Bluetooth SIG Mesh.

Other features include an operating temperature range of -20 to +45 °C, ambient temperature of +10 to +45 °C and storage temperature of Ts min = –30°C, Ts max = 85°C. Integrate solutions are protected against electrostatic discharge +/– 2,000 V. For added peace of mind, the solutions are available with a five or 10 year warranty.