Acoustics with Lighting

Acoustics with integrated lighting-health and comfort in the built environment

Noise and poor acoustics can lead to various health issues such as sleep disruption, heightened stress, and poor cognitive function. It also affects concentration and leads to poor communication. Noise is one of the main sources of complaints in the workplace. Equally, Light is fundamental to our health, wellbeing, and cognitive capabilities. It acts through our visual environment- our comfort and safety, helps us perform tasks, and allows effective communication. It supports our biological circadian rhythms that regulate the 24-hour body clock. Light complements architecture to create pleasing and beautiful spaces. Negative visual impacts, such as eyestrain and the effects of glare and flicker, can cause discomfort — but can also affect our health over some time.


Technicians of Light and Acoustic Comfort

Architectural FX has worked closely with light for over 2 decades and solved many complex lighting problems. So we’re well placed to champion the clever integration of acoustics with light. We bring the same dedication and expertise to this sector, including close collaboration with architects and other specifiers. And we bring great technical expertise -delivered with speed and accuracy.

We partner with 2 intelligent acoustic partners-allowing us to offer solutions for both metal rafts with integrated lighting and fabric rafts with integrated lighting. Both companies work closely with architects and designers. And both offer unique technical and aesthetic answers for delivering high-quality acoustics with integrated lighting.


Our partners

Caruso, based in Italy, offers bespoke quality acoustics. They aim to respond to the growing aspiration of design engineers and architects to improve indoor acoustic and lighting comfort.

Caruso is very proud of its technical acumen and focuses on designing and manufacturing products that fully comply with international standards for acoustics.

More about the Caruso brand


vektron ceiling rafts are ready-made and easy-to-install metal suspended acoustic ceilings with integrated lighting. vektron are ceiling systems created by kreon in Belgium. Their solutions are custom-made solutions, produced with the greatest attention to detail, created at the request of the client for a specific space.

More about the vektron brand 

In the modern workplace where design is totally redefined post pandemic, we will work with you to transform acoustic and lighting comfort in indoor spaces. Over many years we have established a strong reputation as experts in integrating linear lighting into structures, furniture, and shelving. For more details about suitable lighting systems to consider for these applications please explore the Integrate range.


Our expertise and Knowledge

Inhouse we are proud to have the expertise of our Project Director for this sector, Guy Stansell. Guy has 30 years of experience working on projects using acoustics with lighting. He will be happy to help, guide, and advise you on the designs of these complex spaces. You can reach him at or call him on 07880 925941