A tagline that reflects us and what we do. Technicians of Light.

We’ve been re-evaluating who we are and what makes us a good company to work with, and for. Along the journey we’ve been asking lots of internal questions (some call it navel gazing..)and analysing our success and where we want to get to. Coming up with a tagline to represent what we do seemed like a great idea-not something we’d done before. 

At first it received mixed responses. ‘But we work mainly with architectural lighting designers??’- which is true. So why ‘Technicians of Light’?  At a glance, what we do is help them solve technical issues and we engineer the solutions.  But it’s more complex than that (as it always is..). To start with, we have a very wide range of high specification linear profiles and LED tapes-this has been our expertise for many years and designers will come to us for our technical expertise and knowledge of sourcing certain components and accessories.

Once design is underway, we’re at great pains to make sure the lighting solutions work, providing samples, drawings and mock ups, in-house then onsite.

In our opinion, an important part of the project success is that we don’t supply ‘Kits’ of parts of linear products to be assembled on site. We only supply fully finished and 24hr tested fixtures. These are precisely identified and labelled for the project. This reduces risk and saves time on assembly, integration and install for the whole project supply chain. Tweaks, more tweaks and a lot of hard work.

With the advent of new brands like Caruso, we will soon be providing a package of acoustic products and technical lighting solutions into commercial projects. Watch this space.

We’re certainly of the opinion that it’s difficult to sum up what one lighting manufacturer does differently or better than another. Let’s face it-there’s enough companies out there now in the competitive landscape for LED lighting -literally hundreds of companies more than say 10-20 years ago. So we need to identify our personality and appeal to others outside of our immediate customer base.

We’re looking to retain what people like about us-approachable, helpful, knowledgeable, reliable (being a big one) and likeable (so we’ve been told) but grow steadily into a slightly larger company with good people and great products.

Lighting is about both Art and Science-we’re happy to be seen in both camps.