APL and the Wow Effect at Light + Build

APL hosted hundreds of visitors last week at Light + Build Frankfurt, from over 40 countries. It was a first-time appearance at this major event for both APL and its products. Visitors included known contact as well as many new faces from international planners, architects and lighting designers.

APL built a container facility as an integral structure to the stand, to allow visitors to play and experiment with the light quality and effects of the LTwo® and Lumami® products. This was an excellent stage to showcase the plug & play system, versatility and miniaturized dimensions and the smallest and highest performing wallwasher in the world!

Some proud moments from the exhibition include an order of £35K for LTwo for Austria and some first project orders for Switzerland were also placed.  In addition, specifications for projects in the UK and Middle East are actively being finalised

Some great buzzwords and compliments from the show included ‘Wow! Amazing! The only innovation!’

Architectural FX are the exclusive UK partners to APL and look forward to our developing business after this exciting international launch at Light and Build!