On the Circularity journey: Architectural FX gain LIA certification for TM66

Architectural FX have just received independent accreditation from the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) for TM66. The LIA TM66 Assured Product Verification Scheme adds credibility and verification to the TM66 scheme which includes a digital toolkit to assess the circular economy credentials of lighting manufacturers’ products.

The first range to be verified is Integrate, a versatile range of linear luminaires in the portfolio. Architectural FX is proud to confirm that Integrate has achieved the top level of ‘Excellent Circularity’ with the CIBSE TM66 digital tool.

Managing Director Chris Skelley is pleased with the initiative; ‘We’re extremely proud to have achieved this high score for the TM66 initiative. We have great support for the scheme and are pushing forward to submit our other product ranges to gain certification.’

As a new member of the LIA, Architectural FX are keen to take advantage of the vast array of knowledge and expertise made available by the organisation and of training opportunities for the growing team.

The company is also attending the forthcoming Net Zero Lighting Conference this Thursday 2nd May to better understanding the various green certification marks available and the best one for Architectural FX to adopt.

TM66 is only one of the environmental steps being taken by Chris and his team. For a few years already the company website lists Marketplace as a not-for-profit portal for end users and contractors to repurpose second hand lighting equipment. The Marketplace scheme has recently been added as a facility in the joint WIL (Women in Lighting) and GLA (Green Lighting Alliance)’s call to action to share Repurpose and Re-use schemes for contractors to access https://bit.ly/3JE1kFd.

Ends: Architectural FX is a UK architectural lighting manufacturer, privately owned with over 22 years’ experience in supplying high quality linear, decorative and acoustic lighting solutions. The company and its team are committed to offering suitable products for the Circular Economy and further strengthening their sustainable criteria

Contact Marketing Manager Jo Harding on joanne.harding@architecturalfx.co.uk for further details.