Our Brands

We work with a number of brands who align with our vision and values – to be market-leading, offer the cutting-edge in lighting technology, and deliver the best possible solutions for architectural projects across the world. By carefully selecting the brands we work with, we can ensure that we cover a breadth of applications. These include architectural exterior lighting, architectural interior lighting and commercial lighting.
To meet the varied and often complex needs of our clients, we partner with brands that offer the highest levels of quality and standards, with broad portfolios to ensure our clients can find exactly what they are looking for. Combining Architectural FX’s marketing leading expertise with a collection of premium leading brands is why our customers keep returning to us. Find out more about each of our brands using the links below.


Neon 3D 360.1

Architectural FX

Includes our broad range of linear products for interior and exterior use. Versatile ranges such as Integrate, Connect, Neon and Platin.


APL have created a versatile system like a “LEGO toolbox”. With a miniaturised profile of just 16.4mm diameter and 13 high quality precision optics in the same form factor and socket system, LTwo® is simple and easy to install. Lumami is the desk mounted version and both ranges are manufactured in Europe.


Innovation, quality and Made in Italy are the elements that form Caruso Acoustic’s identity. The company manufacture an impressive range of integrated acoustic panels and lighting. Caruso Acoustics’ sound-absorbing panels offer a wide range of customisation options: from the wide range of colours for the upholstery fabric, to customised prints.