Hilton Belfast

As part of a wider redesign, with the aim of injecting unique personalities into each hotel, the Hilton Belfast recently underwent a large renovation. Hilton wants to relate each design to its location, while maintaining the same high-levels of comfort and familiarity, such as the luxury of the guest rooms.

The Hilton Belfast, which prior to the refurbishment had a corporate look and feel, sits close to the Titanic Museum. It was therefore a perfect match for the redesign team to draw inspiration from the infamous ship. One striking example can be seen in the main restaurant area, where the ceiling pattern is reminiscent of that from the cruise liner’s dining hall, while the sinks in the toilets are replicas of those used by the Titanic guests.

The bar in the hotel has a clubhouse feel, which is designed as a nod to the smoking lounge from the Titanic. Throughout the hotel, guests will see accents and inspiration from the cruise liner, all balanced with a modern twist to provide the ultimate in luxury and style.

As with all of the Hilton’s redesigns, a new lighting design was needed to bring the refurbishment to life. Lighting designer Susan Lake, who had worked on many of the Hilton projects, was appointed to deliver the lighting scheme for the Hilton Belfast. Susan’s design looked at the features of the hotel and ensured they were illuminated, while maintaining a balance of task and ambient lighting.

As part of her design, Susan chose a number of solutions from Architectural FX. All of the linear lighting in the public areas are from Architectural FX’s extensive product portfolio, and the solutions have been integrated into joinery pieces, furniture and ceilings. In the reception area, the linear lighting from Architectural FX is used to wash light down the curtains, making a feature of the triple height space. To achieve this, a new bespoke Architectural FX solution was created, named Erbeus

The renovation has delivered the desired effect, ensuring the hotel is an inviting space that blends local inspiration with modern décor, while offering guests the highest levels of luxury and comfort.

Lighting design : Susan Lake Lighting Design

Interior design : Aspinall Creative LTD

Architects : ICA

Photography : Gavriil Papadiotis

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