The Yards

St Martin’s Courtyard, now named The Yards, provides respite from hectic London- a quiet corner of the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, a tranquil oasis to reflect and breathe.  

Lighting designers, Studio 29, specified AFX lighting solutions to pave the way leading to St Martin’s Courtyard. Taking inspiration from filtering through a forest canopy, reminiscent of dappling created by foliage on the forest floor, our lighting patterns and shadows are able to create an enchanting and mystical space.  

The sign welcoming visitors to The Yard entering via the Mercer Street entrance is illuminated using stunning backlighting. Upon making their way to the courtyard, visitors are greeted by an elevation illuminated with linear lighting basking the terrace in dazzling LED lighting. The inspiration makes for a mystical and interactive space for visitors to experience.  

The concept consists of backlit flower perforations within three layers of a mirrored ceiling and screen printed acrylic to increase the volume of the space which was originally just a dark concrete soffit. The installation was designed to be an interactive installation utilising red, green and blue light projected through flower petal shapes within a suspended mirrored ceiling creating a winding path of white light. Once the beams of light are broken by walking underneath cyan, magenta and yellow shadows come into play. 

The second installation is a dichroic glass canopy that protrudes into Upper St Martin’s Lane. The use of dichroic glass gave several different dimensions of colour, from the colour of the glass itself to the sun passing through from above and at night with artificial light accenting the colours. The perimeter of the dichroic glass is lined with Architectural FX lighting, as well as the glass itself also being backlit by our lighting solutions. 

Lighting Design : Studio 29 Lighting Design

Client : Longmartin Properties Ltd

Photography : Courtesy of Studio 29 Lighting Design

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